Working Lunch (2019)


Video work by the International Western.

E: Sillabazione in una giornata lavorativa. Scusa errori. Lavoriamo sempre in inglese.
F: Sillabazione. Non mi aspettavo questa parola!
Extract from Working Lunch, 2019

Working Lunch is a reflection on labour and language made by slowing a collection of GIFS to lengths in which the actions of two women working it/out in a breeze, in a field, drag into something approaching a sustained scene of mourning. The film, made up of the only documentary material surviving from the IW’s Study Towards a Performance about Labour, makes do with the short format of the GIF and makes it work against its flash temporality. Over and against this visual is a rolling script – the result of a “working lunch” in which the two women on screen attempt to hold/have/work a conversation in Italian, when both speakers are translating and comprehending at different speeds.

Schermata 2019-08-07 alle 17.37.38Schermata 2019-08-07 alle 17.37.59Schermata 2019-08-07 alle 17.38.15

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